Wednesday, May 09, 2007


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) has announced that she will take President George W. Bush to court if he issues a signing statement as a way of sidestepping a compromise Iraq war spending bill. Mind you, so far as I know, the bill HASN'T EVEN BEEN PUT TO A VOTE AS YET. But clearly, Mrs. Pelosi already knows that it will be unacceptable to the President. And if the silly twits know THAT, why don't they send the President a bill he CAN sign?

Mrs. Pelosi's apparent assumption is that the Senate will be complicit in whatever funding bill the House of Representatives passes, something that is by no means certain.

Mrs. Pelosi's further assumes that the President will not VETO an unacceptable spending bill once again. Unlike Mrs. Pelosi and her various enablers, Mr. Bush has been quite explicit about what he does and does not find acceptable in a funding bill. And unlike Mrs. Pelosi and her fellow travelers, he's pretty straightforward in his reactions to the unacceptable.

Finally, what is it with these Democrats? Aside from the fact that once again they are crying before they've even been "hurt" - here they go again - planning to go to the courts for that which they cannot get in the proper way! Which is strategy of doubtful efficacy.

First, a Federal court would have to grant Mrs. Pelosi and the House of Representatives "standing" and that is by no means certain. Then, in the unlikely event that "standing" was granted, they would have to show "injury in fact" - again, a difficult proposition.

Lawmakers have attempted unsuccessfully in the past to sue Presidents, but courts have rejected such suits.

Mrs. Pelosi, you dimwitted incompetent - just give the President a clean (pork free/non-deadline imposing) funding bill and he'll sign the damned thing. Doing anything else is just playing stupid games - with the lives of our military personnel. Do you honestly think that the American people are not already well aware of your nonsense?

Seditious morons!

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Anonymous said...


yes, it seems Ms. Pelosi is both dimwitted and completely incompetent.

a perfect dupe for the radical militant Muslim fascists...

it seems all of the Democrat Faithful are equally misguided.