Thursday, May 03, 2007


Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-De) is a man of many words (many, many, many words). Such is the great torrent of words emanating from Senator Biden’s mouth, that it becomes somewhat daunting to listen closely enough, often enough, to realize that the man is spouting nonsense and stupidities 99.9% of the time.

Just a few of the recent crop of moronic locutions:

On May 1st it was reported that Senator Biden issued a statement accusing President Bush of “practicing the politics of division” when he vetoed the Supplemental Funding Bill. I have a message for Senator Biden: it was NOT President Bush who tried to usurp the powers of the Legislative branch of government. It was however your gang of self-important, pontificating seditionists who have consistently attempted to usurp the powers of the Executive since the 11/06 election! In addition, President Bush was quite honest, right along, about that Supplemental Funding Bill, when he said from the very start that he WOULD veto it if it contained any kind of withdrawal deadlines or “pork barrel” spending riders – and it did, and he did. Did you expect that you could blackmail the President of the United States into signing a BAD law into effect? Or do you and your fellow cowards of the left consider it divisive when the President of the United States insists on retaining his prerogatives as Commander in Chief?

I understand you’ve pretensions of the Presidency in your future, Senator. Trust me when I tell you, no hope in hell, thanks to comments like this one: At the World Affairs Council on May 2nd, you opined that “the Democratic Party has become too timid” – which leads one to ponder what is the name of the planet on which you reside, Senator? The Democratic Party in America is comprised primarily of cynical and self-serving bullies who have done everything in their power to hand a victory to the jidhadist scum that our military has denied them for 4 years.

In another burst of verbal posturing, you’ve also been reported as saying that the Dems in Congress are going to “shove Bush’s veto down his throat” which indicates to me a distinctly disrespectful attitude toward the office of the presidency you so hunger to inhabit, an inability to COUNT since any 2nd grader knows the Dems don’t have ENOUGH votes to override a veto, and the petulance of a toddler whose binky has disappeared! You consider THIS to be presidential?

Finally, since you make great pains to let everyone who is willing (or unwilling) to listen that you are a devout Catholic, Senator, apparently overlooking the fact that you are PRO-CHOICE and that your position is in direct contradiction to the position of the Catholic Church on the subject of abortion and stem cell research. Convenient lapse in memory, sir? Or are you just a moron?

Either way, YOU, Senator Joseph Biden, are unfit to serve as a Senator from Delaware, and certainly you are completely unqualified for the Presidency. And the sooner you realize it, the sooner you will quit contributing to ear pollution and global warming from all the hot air you spew. Have you never had an unexpressed thought?!


Christi said...

"... the petulance of a toddler whose binky has disappeared!"

Great analogy ... if only it was as easy as popping in a binky - I'd buy a couple of cases!

Gayle Miller said...

Put me down for at least a dozen!