Friday, May 11, 2007


It is true, in theory, that any native born American citizen, having reached the appropriate age, may run for the Presidency, the reality in practice is that very few can or do – and that’s a good thing. We tend to require that those who run for and achieve the Presidency are QUALIFIED for that very tough job. Sometimes we are disappointed (James Earl Carter, Jr. comes to mind), but mostly we are not.

The subject here is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is the junior Senator from the State of New York, after occupying the White House as First Lady for 8 tumultuous years. This is her first ELECTED office but it has been clear for many years that she is salivating over the possibility of being elected the first woman President.

Senator Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 26, 1947. She is the daughter of Dorothy Rodham and the late Hugh Rodham. Her father was a small businessman and her mother a homemaker. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale Law School. So while her father may have been a “small businessman”, he clearly made a pretty good living to afford that kind of high-end education for his daughter.

Hillary Rodham met William Jefferson Clinton at Yale Law School and they were married in 1975. Their daughter Chelsea was born in 1980.

When William Jefferson Clinton was campaigning for the presidency, he frequently touted the “two for the price of one” scenario. So let’s examine the fruits of that scenario.

First, there was the Health Care Commission which cost an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars and produced the most unworkable, socialism-based, proposal that has ever been rejected by the U.S. Congress – and at warp speed, I might add.

There is also the matter of the Travel Office imbroglio, when under the direction of Hillary Clinton and her sidekick, Vince Foster (who later died a "suicide"), the entire staff of the White House Travel Office was fired on fallacious charges (the charges were later proven entirely false by an independent counsel) so that Mrs. Clinton could replace the staff with unvetted, incompetent political cronies.

The Clintons evidenced deep disdain for the military during their time in the White House. In addition, both President and Mrs. Clinton treated their Secret Service protection detail like errand boys, rather than highly trained professionals. When it came to political appointees, the Clintons (particularly Mrs. Clinton) refused to insist on proper clearances for their appointees and reacted with impatience and disdain when called to task for this completely improper attitude toward the conduct of the nation’s business.

During the Whitewater investigation, missing Rose Law Firm documents were discovered in a drawer in the White House. Now I have said for years that this is the one transgression of Mrs. Clinton’s for which I will not condemn her. I’ve worked for attorneys for too many years and know full well how utterly hopeless they are with any piece of paper!

When her husband’s perjury in front of a Grand Jury led to the institution of impeachment hearings, Mrs. Clinton shifted the blame to her favorite culprit – the “vast right wing conspiracy” rather than placing the blame for her husband’s predicament squarely where it belonged – on her husband’s randy disregard for morality or propriety which led him to commit a felony – lying to a Grand Jury.

Mrs. Clinton ran for the Senate while she was still First Lady and when the Clintons finally left the White House, they departed with White House furnishings that were not theirs to take.

What legislation has been initiated during Mrs. Clinton’s 6+ years in office as the Junior Senator from New York? What, exactly, has she accomplished as a U.S. Senator that makes her think that she is qualified by anything other than her vast sense of entitlement for the Presidency? The only real qualification that Mrs. Clinton currently has is the fact that she is MORE qualified than her closest rival, Senator Barack Obama. And that’s not saying much.

We are in a time of great peril – a peril that Mrs. Clinton and her cohorts on the left wing of the Democratic Party refuse to acknowledge. That alone should be sufficient to disqualify her in the minds of the general population. But I very much suspect that the Teflon-coated Clintons will do far better than is healthy for this nation.