Wednesday, May 02, 2007


On May 1, 2007 there were two completely related stories appearing on the Internet. Neither story made it on to ANY mainstream media outlet.

Ed Lasky writes ". . .that Senator Frist was hounded by charges that he had engaged in insider trading when he sold shares of the company his family founded, Hospital Corporation of America. Media outlets slandered him with an abandon last seen, well... every day when it comes to people associated with the Bush Administration. But regardless, the charges were trumpeted up by liberal interest groups and a more than willing media." Go here to read more about it.

And in the meantime, Clarice Feldman is writing that the enormous conflict of interest of Senator Dianne Feinstein is similarly being ignored, again by a complicit media who will protect all Democrats until they are forced into not protecting them by an enormous public outcry. In this case, the ethical and conflict problems arise from Senator Feinstein’s subcommittee activities from 2001 to late 2005. Go here to read the complete story.

After reading these two stories, remember the bogus charges filed against Tom DeLay for violation of a law that didn’t even exist, which the prosecutor seems to be reluctant to bring to trial? The charges were filed several years ago, Tom DeLay has resigned from Congress but first, because the Republicans have a "caucus" rule that an indicted Committee Chairman must step down, when Tom DeLay was indicted, that's precisely what he did, even though he knew the charges were completely frivolous and politically motivated. Could it be that Tom DeLay is being “Nifonged”? The Democratic caucus does NOT have the same rule - just FYI.

Questions, I have questions. I have LOTS AND LOTS of questions. One thing I do know - this nonsense has to stop. If one caucus has a good rule (and the one the Republicans have IS a good rule), then both should adopt it. For all that Nancy Pelosi prattles on about the culture of corruption, the antics of herself and her own party's miscreants leaves her no room to open her mouth. From Rep. Pelosi's own questionable doings, to Harry Reid's land deals, to Rep. Jefferson's "cold cash", and so forth - ALL members of Congress ought to be observing the biblical admonition "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Truly. Now.

UPDATE: In an article today, Investor's Business Daily takes on this same situation.

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Christi said...

"Truly. Now."

I agree, but in an election cycle especially, it is never going to happen. It seems like we are stuck in a never-ending run on the political hamster wheel. The wheel keeps turning but we are getting nowhere.

And don't even get me started on Pelosi. I was happy yesterday just to see that smirk wiped off her face after Bush vetoed the nonsense he received from the House.