Wednesday, May 16, 2007


According to today’s Fox News Online, the price of a gallon of gas has jumped nearly 40% since the Democrats became the majority in Congress and how's that working out for you?

UPDATE: Friend and fellow blogger Paul opined that he's pretty depressed by this cost of fuel - he drives a CAB! Here's what he commented:

The price of a gallon of gas has jumped nearly 80% since its low of $1.879 a gallon several months ago, to $3.299 two days ago. It did drop a dime overnight.

I use an average of 80 gallons a week. You do the math on how much it costs me. I can't, it's too depressing.

For those who are suffering real hardships from this elevated cost of gasoline, does anyone have any suggestions of ways to save something? We do need to remember that a good portion of the outrageous cost of gasoline stems from the egregious taxes imposed per gallon. In Ohio that comes in at well over $1 per gallon. Maybe we should be holding our rapacious pols' feet to the fire? Works for me.


Mrs. Media Matters said...

Sucks in CA at where we live paying up to $3.40 a gallon. Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

No problems at the pump, but the bank isn't such a fun place.

The price of a gallon of gas has jumped nearly 80% since it's low of $1.879 a gallon several months ago, to $3.299 two days ago. It did drop a dime overnight.

I use an average of 80 gallons a week. You do the math on how much it costs me. I can't, it's too depressing.

jennifer said...

I just posted a photo of what we paid on our trip. I think ANWR, ANWR, ANWR!

Gayle Miller said...

paul - it never occurred to me to think about what YOU are going through! My goodness, it must be killing you! Like somebody reaching into your pocket and just extracting money!

Hopefully, and from what I heard on the radio today - the price has peaked and will remain relatively steady until August when it will start dropping again.

Of course - I'm moving to Virginia next week from Ohio and the truck will need considerable gas for this 7 hour foray. I was planning on $100 for just the truck's gas - think I'd better budget quite a lot more based on paul's input!

Anonymous said...

Well, some people have been nice about tipping higher, I've noticed, that helps.

I don't mind the gas tax, which is steep here in Mininesota, because we do need roads, after all. And salting, plowing, and repairing costs money. I'm even ambivilent about the pending 5 cent a gallon increase just vetoed by Pawlenty.

And more oil isn't the solution, we need more refineries. Problem is, they're owned by the oil companies, who don't stand to make more money by building refineries, because they'd just end up charging less for gas!

We need some good old fashioned Teddy Roosevelt trust busting! Break up those monopolies.

One thing Marx was right about: the weakness of capitalism is the tendency for capital to accumulate. See Enron for an example.

Anonymous said...

Are you renting a big truck? I'd check the mileage before you go. If you're driving 400 miles (7 hours you said), at ten miles to the gallon you're looking at $120 at 3 bucks a gallon, plus $12 for every extra $.30 it goes up. And if you get 8 mpg, then it's $150, etc.

Gayle Miller said...

Good heavens, Paul, you are GOOD. I'll definitely give the driver more $$ for the trip. Thanks for doing the math. I'm good at some things but figuring out miles per gallon isn't one of them. Now my SISTER is great at it. But not me.

As to the other - we need to consider the environmentalists who keep refineries from being built as well.

Mred said...

We do need more refineries.

I read some where that it was 20 or more years since the last new one was built. The reason is the cost of EPA rules, litigation from environmentalists and the constant threat of oversight and damaging legislation from congress and the government.

pianogirl said...

Paul's consumption of gas makes my 20-30 gallons per week seem puny! The commute to my teaching job is 94 miles each way, and all I've done is watch the price of gas go up, up, up. I filled up yesterday for $2.96, and this morning the price had gone up at the same station to $3.09!

The good news for you, Gayle, is that gas taxes in VA are less than they are in MD. Our newly installed governor (with a ''D'' behind his name) plans on increasing the gas tax in the State very soon to make up for the $1.5 billion in shortages in the budget thanks to the State Legislature, the majority with a ''D'' behind their names.

Gayle Miller said...

I think that layering heavy taxes on gasoline is the most horrendous thing that any politician can do to those who have the lowest incomes. Yes, the high cost of gas hurts BUT can you imagine how much more harsh the impact is on someone who is barely getting by to begin with or someone like Paul whose LIVING depends on his useage of gasoline?

Captain America said...

Funny how Government doesn't CONTRIBUTE one single thing toward getting a gallon of gas from the desert to the pump, yet skim's taxes off the top for doing nothing. If anything the Government IMPEDES the delivery of fuel to market by restricting everything from exploration and development to the construction of refineries. If I was an oil company I'd hold hearings and drag congress in and grill them! Like your site. I'll link it up!