Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Just wanted to share that our family’s beloved “Navy guy” is heading home from service off the coast of Iraq and we couldn’t be more pleased and proud. He may have to go back, but for now he is steaming from Perth, Australia en route to Hawaii and thence to San Diego. His mother will be waiting on the dock, accompanied by her beloved daughter-in-law, when he arrives.



Christi said...

That is great news, Gayle. I'm sure your whole family is so thrilled. Be sure to give him an extra hug for all of us to show our appreciation.

Gayle Miller said...

We will. He's a remarkable young man.

pianogirl said...

Yes, please tell him how much we appreciate his sacrifice and devotion to our wonderful country. After 9/11, I try never to pass by a member of the military, a policeman or a fireman without expressing thanks. We are so abundantly blessed (OK, maybe not with the members of Congress, but certainly with "W"!) in America.