Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Fred Thompson, Michael Moore Go Head to Head, Sort of
Tuesday , May 15, 2007


TV star and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson declined Tuesday to meet with Michael Moore, suggesting the filmmaker instead might want to check himself into a mental hospital after Moore challenged Thompson to a one-on-one debate on health care.

The response follows a letter by Moore in which he scolded the Law & Order actor. Noting Thompson's fondness for Cuban cigars, Moore wrote that Thompson is in no position to criticize Moore for traveling to Cuba with several ailing Sept. 11 emergency responders to make the argument that Cuba's health care system is superior to the United States'.

First of all, Moore, you ignorant moron, Cuban cigars are no longer illegal in this country. Secondly, if the Cuban health care system is so FABULOUS, why is it that Fidel Castro, when his health was at grave risk, sent for a Spanish physician and health care team at great speed?

The reality is, Moore, that you've overstayed your welcome on the world stage given your dearth of real talent and the demonstrably fraudulent quality of your "work". I almost wish former Senator Thompson would take you up on your debate challenge. He'd cream your fat ass and show the world what a ridiculous waste of human skin you really are!

Is it just me, or is Fred Thompson starting to grow on you?


Christi said...

Great post, Gayle. We seem to be on the same page about Thompson - his response to Moore was perfect. I haven't laughed that hard about something political in ages!

pianogirl said...

I heard Fred Thompson this afternoon on the Mark Levin Show, and I was most impressed with everything he had to say. Bottom line in November 2008 is that I will vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who it is, because the alternative is Bill's wife or Barack HUSSEIN Obama.