Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A fellow named Creigh Deeds (D) is running against Bob McDonnell (R) for the Virginia Governor's office. Mr. McDonnell, a man with a specific agenda that is clearly spelled out in his campaign documents and in his television advertisements, began the campaign with a sizable lead against his opponent.

Creigh Deeds has put forth no agenda or plans for our state whatsoever and is so far running on only negative campaign ads which basically accuse Bob McDonnell of being a values voter who is opposed to abortion - over and over and over again! It may come as a surprise to Creigh Deeds that many Virginians are not big fans of the holy sacrament of the Democratic Party. I myself am adamantly opposed to abortion on demand or as a birth control method and most of my friends feel the same way. I do believe in the rights of the unborn and don't believe in murder or euthanasia.

Deeds is closing the gap. And that, my friends, is a damned shame. Creigh Deeds is a whining, ultra liberal and clueless dimwit who doesn't seem to have the slightest idea of what the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is to do in order to fulfill the demands of the job, but is apparently campaigning for the job simply because he wants it. Oh, and because he apparently wasn't a rich kid! Neither was I but I don't put myself forth as a candidate for governor. I don't consider myself qualified, although I do believe I am MORE qualified than that feeble moron being run for the office by the Dems. Do they honestly think we Virginians are sufficiently stupid to buy the Deeds Kool Aid being sold to us? Based on the polls, we are.

Dear merciful Lord - what is happening to our beautiful country?

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