Thursday, September 24, 2009

CNN vote for Israel

Please respond immediately to this shocking vote and voice comments as you wish.

Please login to this site, vote and forward this important message to your colleagues.

Apparently CNN is pushing a poll showing that 60% vs. 40% of Americans favour "Palestine" over Israel in the war in Gaza..

We must respond with numbers and be heard. We must stand together. Thousands of these emails are going out across the world right now.

Be a part of supporting Israel. See also the hateful messages being left if you need motivation to become involved.

Please pass this to all concerned. If you have not already done so,
please click on the link and then simply click on the Israeli flag.


piano girl said...

Thanks, Gayle...I just voted and now Israel is ahead by a few percentage points. Some of the comments are really disturbing...made by people who don't know history or have a clue about the Middle East.

Gayle Miller said...

Lots of ignorant people out there Beverly.