Thursday, September 03, 2009


This young man is a hero to his hometown and now he's a hero to me as well!
A 14-year old girl got onto a school bus with 22 students (including Eulls) aboard, some of them little kids. Eulls was asleep in the back of the bus until one of his siblings awakened him.
Kaleb Eulls saved the lives of 22 students Tuesday morning.',

Eulls then opened up the emergency door located in the back and began evacuating as many students as he could from the rear of the bus while trying to reason with the armed female.

"I just tried to talk to her and calm her down," said the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Eulls. "She was just getting louder and louder. I guess for a quick second she looked out the window and when she did that I just sprung at her. I just knocked her down and got the gun away from her. When I got the gun I ran out the back door and disarmed it."

Eulls, who is a four-star defensive end that is verbally committed to play football at Mississippi State next year, was not concerned for his own well being at the moment. He selflessly did what he thought was the right thing to save the life of the others on board.

"I was just scared for the younger kids and my family that was on the bus," Eulls said. "I was just thinking things out step-by-step as quickly as I could. After we got to the school and watched the tape I just sat there thinking 'what in the world did I just do?' I just thought about what if this would have happened or if this would have happened? It was just crazy."
This is the kind of logical thinking under pressure that should be emphasized in our schools. Not the deification of a 2nd rate politician who got lucky!

I would vote for this young man. I didn't and never would vote for the other!

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