Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What if an ACORN falls in the forest and nobody but one cable news outlet pays any attention? Does that mean that it didn't happen?

Even the Washington Post, and despite the Senate's vote to withhold further financing from ACORN last night (83-7 - fairly definitive vote), is not paying any attention to the building scandal involving ACORN being caught with their hands in the cookie jar of corruption! Gee, Mrs. Pelosi, it wasn't all that long ago that you were describing Republicans as having "a culture of corruption" and yet, it's your fellow Democrats who are displaying the acrid stink of ethical meltdown on a daily basis.

But then hypocrisy is the watchword of the Democratic Party these days - what with that despicable puppet occupying the White House (I'm sure George Soros has his hand up President Obama's shirt) and his endless lies about the Health Care Reform bill.

2010 is coming Madame Botox and with it the retribution of the voters you have had the effrontery to describe as "Nazis" and "silly" and all other manner of insults. No you stupid broad, we are your employers and we're about to see to it tht you're unemployed!


Laura M. said...

If you're part of the MSM, then yes, it didn't happen.

B....... said...

Thanks to Jon Stewart and Jay Leno the ACORN scandal is getting more coverage than the alphabet news could ever give it.

Gayle Miller said...

Well, I guess we should be grateful for that at least!

Bob Beckel insulted all right wing voters when he said on Fox News this weekend that only TWO of us were even aware of the missile defense reversal vis-a-vis Poland and the Czech Republic. Apparently he doesn't know anyone on the right which caused him to make those unwarranted assumption.

Leftwing Democrat asshat!