Tuesday, September 01, 2009


A bill is now in Congress that would permit Zero to do the most insanely stupid thing he might want to do - shut down the Internet entirely (if that's even possible - IT experts' opinions requested here). He might be able to shut down AOL and/or Yahoo but it is my prediction that if he did so, the Iranian street demonstrations would appear to be a Sunday walk in the park in comparison to what His Nibs would experience here in this country.

The sleeping giant that is the average, normally compliant and quiet American citizen has already been awakened. And there are enough people in this country who know what procedures are involved in an impeachment trial forced by the American electorate who would help those of us who think that Zero is an anti-American "wholly owned" subsidiary of George Soros and his minions to bring it on - and no amount of lily-livered whiney Leftwing liberals would be able to stand against the American citizen thus aroused.

Remember when George W. Bush was intercepting the overseas phone calls of "suspect" Americans under the Patriot Act and the attacks of the vapors being had by the Left? We on the right don't have the vapors! We have the guns and the will to force the return of OUR government to OUR control. I am NOT advocating an armed rebellion - but I am fully cognizant that the wrong steps by the current administration might just piss off enough people that one might begin.

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