Friday, September 25, 2009


My theory is, if that pipsqueak in the White House is going to try to destroy the American way of life during his only term in office, I'm going to ENJOY and celebrate the American way of life at every opportunity.

So tomorrow, I will put on a pot of chili first thing in the morning so that it's ready to eat by the time the Ohio State game starts. I will bake a nice pan of corn muffins (with jalapenos). I will sit in the living room in my Ohio State sweatshirt, drinking iced tea out of my Ohio State chiller mug and, hopefully, enjoy both the OSU Marching Band ("TBDBITL") and an Ohio State victory.

Sunday morning, I will go to early Mass, then get a pedicure at 11 a.m. (TMI?) and then head on home to bake some goodies for my co-workers. This nice Catholic girl has the recipe for Mandelbrot and will make it for the staff and attorneys where I work. In honor of Yom Kippur. Leon - get your time entry to me please!

Bottom line, Dumbo the Flying Jackass may shake the foundations of our Republic but he won't kick them out from under us to the extent that we cannot recoup and repair. And the more we assert our American way of life in typically loud and exuberant tones, the more difficult will it be to unleash the depressing grind of socialism on this nation. It occurs to me that we may need and deserve this idiot's ascendancy - if only temporarily - to remind us of just how good we have it.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Congrats to the Pittsburgh police department. You showed us how to keep order when there are crazies demonstrating and doing property damage. My mother was born in Pittsburgh and I always knew they produced good people for that reason!

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