Monday, September 28, 2009


We must and should remain vigilant vis-a-vis our egregiously incompetent President, his cabinet, his czars as well as the Senate and House of Representatives. I don't want to accuse them of being knaves and ne'er do wells, but how many of them have actually held a real job in the real world? 15% perhaps?

Our nation's founders never intended that we have a class of professional politicians sitting in the halls of Congress. They envisioned a system wherein wealthy landowners would contribute their time and wisdom to the nation a few months out of the year and then return to their normal pursuits for the rest of the year.

I find it fascinating that these feckless twits (well, let's be honest - most of them are less than that) who occupy both the House and the Senate do not even begin to understand that they work for the American people and not the other way around. And it's high time that they received an attitude adjustment.

They are all so happy to see us at their re-election rallies when they can hope to wrest a campaign contribution from us, and they are utterly dismissive of us when we express our opinions in public as we did on 9/12. President Bill Clinton has trotted out that old chestnut "vast right wing conspiracy" to explain the honest disapproval being expressed by American citizens toward President Obama's plans. Why does it have to be a conspiracy?

I will grant you that the self-righteous prigs of the Democratic Party (and a humorless bunch they are as well) honestly believe that we're too stupid to govern our own lives. They are so enamoured of their own intelligence and worthiness that they feel that if we don't do things their way, we're doomed! To that I say, as plainly as possible, horse feathers! Here's a bit of truth for all y'all. We "regular" Americans didn't create a corrupt group like ACORN. We "regular" Americans don't believe that our country needs to apologize for itself at every turn. We "regular" Americans are proud of our nation and consider getting it right in Afghanistan more important than going to Copenhagen to push an Olympics bid for the endlessly corrupt city of Chicago!

Does this President ever intend to leave "campaign mode" and start governing? Where our current president is concerned, the American people who voted for him really went for a "pig in a poke" and I have heard from many of them that they deeply regret their vote!

Remember 9/12 you morons! We aren't going away.


Laura said...

You know things are bass-akwards when you find yourself agreeing with, of all people, Monsieur Sarkozy of France!

He's quite nice-looking, too.

Gayle Miller said...

Sexy devil, I might add. He and GWB were good working partners.

Barb said...

Hey, I think you have a problem not expressing yourself clearly. Can you get to the point? (Snark) And I totally agree with you. I'm tempted, in the next election, to only vote for someone who has never held office, get the incumbents out, regardless of their party (tempted but not sure)