Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Van Jones has joined Reverend Wright, among others, under Obama's bus for those he uses and then discards - quite callously. What's most important is that the President now knows that we are watching him like a hawk and there isn't much wiggle room available. And we need to keep it that way. The person we most need to observe carefully and closely henceforth is one Valerie Jarrett. She is the person who claimed to have carefully vetted Jones and all the other feckless trivialities that The Won has nominated into positions of power in his administration.

Now don't get me wrong. I believe and support wholeheartedly the right of a President to surround himself with his own team. But it occurs to me that one requirement should be that the team chosen not be comprised of radical anti-American nimrods! It seems a small thing to ask, but an important one.

Meanwhile, one of the organizations that Van Jones founded has been working really hard to harm Glenn Beck and his show. Glenn's still there! Van Jones is gone. All is right with the world and God is in His heavens, looking out for us despite the fact that we don't deserve His kindness.


B....... said...

"comprised of radical anti-American nimrods"

Yeah, but birds of a feather......

Gayle Miller said...

So very true!

Meanwhile, in other news, Sarah Palin's op-ed in the WSJ is bound to give the Dems the screaming squirts!

Laura M. said...

"the screaming squirts!"

I'd pay to see that.