Thursday, September 03, 2009


I was watching the YouTube clip of Michigan Congressman Rogers and his utterly sensible remarks on the current health care reform legislation. The entire time he was talking, you could see that nasty and ever-so-slightly-crazy Henry Waxman busily chit chatting with someone else sitting next to him and paying not the slightest bit of attention to what was being said.

Should they not be required to at least pretend they are doing the job we pay them to do? And shouldn't the chairman of a committee, in particular, make paying attention a primary goal?

I guess my thoughts were triggered by the utterly indefensible clips of some state legislators sitting in chambers during a debate playing solitaire on their (no doubt government funded) laptops!

They know nothing. They arrive with their agenda already well defined. They do as little as possible (not even reading the bill they are trying to cram down our throats) and they are doing their very best to screw up America!

Throw the bums OUT! As soon as possible.

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