Wednesday, September 02, 2009


When I first started reading blogs, what seems like many years ago, I would never have imagined myself actually having a blog of my own and writing for it. More preposterous still was the idea that I would make great and good friends over the years, via the blogsphere, people who could and did comfort me when life handed me unmeasurable sorrow and who would celebrate with me when life (in its semi-balanced way) presented me with the opportunities for transendant joy. So it is that Beverly (Piano Girl) and Kitty (Kitty Litter) and Aaron (the most handsome proprietor of Lifelike Pundits) and the exquisite mother of the late, greatly lamented Baby and the now-courting Tiny, Miss Sissy all became utterly necessary parts of my life. And then there's the incomparable Anchoress (Elizabeth) and Michael of HNAV and the prickly Pat and then there's Paul of In My Taxi. They are all dear and beloved friends. Then there is Andrea in Florida and Dave Logan and Charles in Chicago and who keeps us apprised of the "Chicago Way" and too many others to mention.

They are all near and dear friends and I wouldn't trade one of them for anything on earth. They have encouraged me to write, something I very much enjoyed doing in my long-ago youth, and so I am writing. These exceptional people make me laugh, give me comfort when I cry, appreciate my (to some) unnatural attachment to Sam the Wonder Cat.

It isn't just that we share basic values (yes, Paul, even you), but we "get" each other's humor and point of view instantly.

We're facing a very bumpy time frame over the next year. It sure is good to know we have each others' backs! If they wish, the miserably dishonest Left (who assume that everyone is as corrupt as they) may make snide remarks about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, but those people going to the tea parties aren't part of any conspiracy. They are Americans, each and every one, who are standing up for what they believe is right. So to them also, these lovely roses are given. God Bless America. And God Bless AMERICANS!


Sissy Willis said...

Thank you for the beautiful bouquet. I am deeply touched and honored to be among your cyberdearest. The feeling is mutual.

Tiny is in full food-watch campaign mode, sitting beside the computer staring at me, raising her paw to my face and blessing me with occasional nosebites. Only TEN minutes till TIME FOR SUPPER!

Gayle Miller said...

They do love their suppertime, don't they? Sam about had a nervous breakdown last night. I came home with groceries, put them in the kitchen and then ran for the ladies room out of urgent need. He sat in the kitchen literally HOWLING until I returned to fill his (empty) dish!