Monday, September 21, 2009


It is my opinion that ACORN was not founded, nor funded, to be a corrupt, thuggish organization that would ultimately embarrass the President of the United States, assuming that actual embarrassment is in his repertoire!

The road to hell and all – that’s what I think of their good intentions. Now their hands have been found in the cookie jar and it is not seemly to use their disgrace and probable dissolution as grounds for our sniggering glee, as pleasurable as we might find it to do so.

The American people are not especially tolerant of that kind of behavior in the face of someone’s disgrace.

Where there is a vast sum of money involved, as was the case here, the temptation to play fast and loose with the rules can be overwhelming. And let’s be very realistic. The current administration has shown that running a business is not a part of the past experience of its members, nor is it within its realm of capability. The same can easily be said of ACORN – an enterprise which had a young attorney named Barack Hussein Obama in 1995 and an enterprise of which he denies any substantive knowledge. Given the fact that there is so damned much that our president doesn’t know, I’m inclined to believe him about ACORN.

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