Monday, September 21, 2009


Bob Beckel was on Fox News this weekend and opined that "only two" right wing voters were even aware that President Obama was stabbing Eastern European allies in the back (Poland and the Czech Republic to be specific) by reversing the agreement vis-a-vis the missile shield.

Loving our country does not mean we're stupid Beckel. In fact, making that unwarranted and indefensible statement proves that YOU SIR are woefully misinformed. I am fully informed and everyone I know is likewise fully informed. We are the people who are holding your messiah's feet to the fire for his lies. In my view, although his locution was inappropriate as to locale, Rep. Wilson is a hero to me! The only time President Obama is not lying is when his mouth isn't moving!

Speaking of misinformed - Bill O'Reilly is partaking once again of the Left's KoolAid averring that the District fire department said there were only 75,000 protesters in D.C. on 9/12. Anyone who has seen the footage shown on O'Reilly's network knows that the estimate is wildly off! But then, Bill O'Reilly is wildly off and is completely unwatchable! Incidentally, the bloviating gasbag O'Reilly got it way wrong. The National Park Service estimates 1 million or more.

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