Monday, October 05, 2009


I received this from a good, almost-always reliable friend, so read it for what it's worth. I find it believable:

Yes, there is anti-American sentiment in the International Olympic Committee's snub of Chicago.

But again, it has been caused by Barack and Michelle Obama not by George W. Bush.

Chicago was by far the frontrunner a week ago.

Then, Michelle went to Copenhagen and insisted each one of the 106 delegates meet her privately and separately in her luxurious hotel room.

There she browbeat each one and insisted they vote for Chicago.

Read the European newspapers.

What an arrogant, silly bitch.

The European Union - with 27 member states - was already furious with Obama for snubbing Britain and treating Prime Minister Gordon Brown like some tinpot leader, even with Britain being America's best ally, embarrassing French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and betraying Poland and Czechoslovakia on missile defence - basically suggestng if Russia wanted Poland and Czechoslovakia and decided to take the countries by force the U.S. would do nothing to protect them. And Poland and Czechoslovakia are members of the European Union.

On top of these issues, when Brown gave her a miniature bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill she sent it back to 10 Downing Street saying she wanted nothing to do with an "imperialistic" leader.

She didn't even realize but for Churchill refusing to surrender to Nazi Germany - and thereby giving the U.S. a landing strip in Europe - Adolf Hitler - the worst racist in modern times - would have won the war.

Where would the blacks be then?

So, Chicago went from being the frontrunner to getting a scant 18 votes and tossed out on the first bllot.
Karma IS a bitch! And I was starting to harbor some kind feelings for our First Lady - at least in comparison to her clumsily ignorant husband!


Laura M. said...

I sure hope those kind feelings you were starting to harbour have been dashed. She doesn't deserve them.

Gayle Miller said...

They hadn't really taken hold yet so they were easily trashed! I keep trying to be positive about the first couple but the only thing I am positive about is that they are disastrous!

B....... said...

Great write-up Gayle. The very reason I get my news from Blogs great and small rather than the alphabet "news" outlets. (heh! I said Rather!)