Thursday, October 08, 2009

and why they should knock it off!

Golda Meir famously opined that the Arab/Israeli conflict would cease when the Arabs loved their children more than they loved killing Israelis! Jon and Kate Gosselin - take note.

It doesn't matter one whit to me who is right and who is wrong. I'm delighted that Jon Gosselin shut down that execrable show on TLC - and it should have been done a couple of years ago. Kate Gosselin is so doggone money-hungry that she'd never do it on her own. In any event, the show cannot have been healthy for any of the children and, in point of fact, the twins have begun to believe that what they say at age 9 has some world shaking value! I ended up watching a Memorial Day marathon broadcast of the show out of sheer desperation and thus had an almost week-to-week view of the goings on. Mady is a full on version of her mother - emotional and totally bitchy. The other twin, Cara, is much easier to take. The little kids are like 5-year-olds everywhere: obnoxious, whiney and shriekey. Who needs to see that?

Throughout, Kate Gosselin treated Jon as though he was a grease spot under her feet, while she made it a point to have all manner of appearance enhancing treatments - including subjecting us to the tummy tuck she had to have after carrying six babies to term! She's had her teeth done (for free), and she gets tanning (you're a nurse for heavens sake Kate - don't you know how unhealthy that is?) and she flies all around the country doing book signings and personal appearances. She has that horrendous bi-level skunky hairdo and is apparently very dedicated to adorning herself! Her self-adulation is almost an 11th character on the show.

She has managed to have their kitchen remodeled for free and to have "little houses" erected on the property for the entertainment of her children - again for free. Who has been left at home with the kids? Jon Gosselin, that's who.

Bottom line: The parents are getting a divorce and this is going to be hard on the kids. It always is. I was 25 when my parents divorced and it devastated me despite the fact that I knew full well that the divorce was saving my mother's sanity and her life!

The original arrangement was that Jon would be with the kids when Kate was off flying around on her self-aggrandizement trips. All Kate really seems to care about is having the house cleaned and organized and that her children march in lock step like little automatons! Jon genuinely seems to love his children and - despite her control freak tendencies - Jon is a better and more even-handed disciplinarian than the children's mother! And Jon is the one who originally had a fairly good paying job that he was forced to give up because of Kate's grasping money-grubbing.

Apparently Kate is of the mind that all income to the family from TLC or other sources should belong to her and her alone. Wrong, beyatch! Jon is entitled to some of the funds and you having 11 bank accounts and him not having knowledge of or access to any of those accounts is just plain wrong.

It's time for the two of you to take your dispute into obscurity and quit pestering us with your dysfunction! Get your divorce, divy up the loot, and quit providing your 8 children with the need to see shrinks for the rest of their lives! I would, however, suggest that you two be forced to put that $1.3 million house and property into a trust account irrevocable and in the names of your 8 children. They've earned a secure home. And Jon, since you don't seem to have been able to sell your original house, rather than renting a pricey New York apartment, move in there why don't you? At least until you can sell it and remove that additional mortgage from the books. Perhaps an inhabited, somewhat furnished house will sell more easily, despite the poor market. After all, it's the Gosselin's former home.

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