Friday, October 16, 2009


El Rushbo (as he is affectionately known by somedamnbody) was dropped from a group of investors who were planning on buying the St. Louis Rams. As a former Angeleno, I can tell you that nobody wanted the Rams when they were in Los Angeles and why anyone would want them now is beyond my ken! Whatever!

Immediately, our favorite and dependably vocal race-baiting chuckleheads started running their hate-filled mouths, claiming that Limbaugh has said all manner of hateful things about people of color. To that, I reply, bullshit!

It is absolutely true that Rush Limbaugh said none of the things of which he is accused. None. Zero. Zip. Nada! Still, pinheaded babblers repeated these foul and untrue canards ad nauseum on the premise that if you say it often enough - it will become true! Again, horsefeathers!

Last night , Juan Williams and some other young sprout were on O'Reilly. The young man in shrill tones insisted that he still considered Rush Limbaugh a racist because back in 1970, Rush Limbaugh told a radio caller to "take the bone out of his nose"! This whiney young punk wasn't even alive in 1970 (39 years ago, for heaven's sake) and now that the original charges have been proven utterly false (and in fact it has been proven that some left wing clown started circulating the dishonest charges a while ago), the left is casting about for some other way in which to smear Rush Limbaugh. It must be said that Juan Williams, a liberal, was a whole lot more reasonable and intelligent in his views last night! He kind of had a disgusted look on his face as the puppy was blathering on about how maybe Rush didn't say those things he had been accused of saying, but he still was a racist based on the "bone" remark! Give me a flipping break!

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, a pair of racial hucksters down to their toes have no room to talk about Rush Limbaugh although that didn't stop either of them. It was, after all, Rev. Jackson who made the "hymietown" comments. And where do we start with Al Sharpton? Tawana Brawley? Instigating riots and the destruction of Jewish owned businesses? Talk about your basic pair of whitened sepulchres! They are both anti-Semitic and only open their mouths when there is profit to be made!

Throwing around the charge of racist is easy to do and difficult to shake. In a nation where "innocent until proven guilty" is the rule of law, it is left to the accused in a charge of racism to prove that the charge is untrue.

And let's be very honest folks, the people in the NFL aren't angels either. Michael Vick and dogfighting? Over 200 of the NFL's roster having felony convictions to their names? If your hands are unclean, you cannot criticize others. My feeling is that, much as Rush Limbaugh adores the game of football (and it's well known that he does) he is better off not being involved with those people. And yes, I agree with Rush Limbaugh that Donovan McNab is overrated. And not because I'm a racist. I agree because I have watched McNab play! He's good, but he isn't all that! And, despite their best efforts, the Left has never been able to get rid of Rush Limbaugh (or for that matter any conservative radio personality) and it drives them nuts that he just keeps going from strength to strength, despite setbacks and personal demons, becoming more successful and more rich with every passing year. They cannot even throw jibes at his weight any longer (some of them still try), because the man lost 80 pounds recently!

UPDATE: Now on Hot Air comes a spirited and brilliant analysis of this awful debacle written by the incomparable Doctor Zero, including this trenchant paragraph:
The events of the past week were about more than simply thwarting Limbaugh’s desire to buy into a football team. There was the naked greed of parasites like Al Sharpton, desperate to maintain his relevance in a world that has wisely stripped him of the power to destroy a man’s life with a phony rape allegation, or launch murderous riots. There was the blind personal hatred of Limbaugh, by people who long ago tired of watching him rewrite their plans for the part of America that refuses to submit to them. And, of course, this was the latest offensive in a bitter war against the ideas that Limbaugh has long served, as their most cheerful and effective defender. Limbaugh’s enemies in that war are angry because they’re frightened. They’re frightened because all of their estimates and projections said they should have been able to claim victory by now.

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