Friday, October 02, 2009


Many family members, sometimes me - although not always - have always blamed Eugene K. for our dear David's drug overdose death. Bottom line - David made poor choices and while Eugene may have been a "contributor" - it was David's choice to take that poison. Subsequently, and through her own intention, David's grieving mother died of a massive stroke. When David died she adamantly refused to take any of her diabetes or high blood pressure medications. She also made a number of direct attempts to kill herself.

Now Eugene has died of a brain aneurysm, I'm told, and at age 27, a bright and charming young man has gone from us and from his grieving parents.

Drugs are the bane of human existence and young men who think they are immortal have a great ability to find themselves dead as a result of playing with them in their ignorance. It isn't just the rich and famous, you know. It's also the young and stupid!

Meanwhile, a brilliant and beautiful young man is gone from us at a time when we need all the brilliant and beautiful we can find.

Rest in peace dear lad. I'm sure I'll be seeing you one of these days.

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