Monday, October 19, 2009


Target, predictably, caved in spinelessly to the bleating of some broad claiming to be a spokesperson for oppressed illegal aliens when they removed this Halloween costume from their stores. What a load of horse puckey that is. Why should anyone, least of all a French corporation, give a rap about the injured feelings of people who broke the law to come to our country and who now claim endless rights as a result? Screw 'em - let them go back where they came from! We don't want them here and they should buy a clue! People who have illegally entered my country and are making any kind of offended noises are definitely not welcome here.
Sense of humor transplant needed here!

By the way, didn't Mexico used to behead illegal aliens and send their heads back to our country? I'm just saying.


Laura M. said...

I thought it was pretty funny. It's an alien , fer pete's sake.

Gayle Miller said...

We all know the difference between us and the Leftist crowd is that they were born without the humor gene!