Wednesday, October 28, 2009


His attention grabbing vituperative hate-speech vis-a-vis Republicans wasn't enough to paint him as a useless p.o.s., no, the dumb bunny had to make a comment about a "K Street Whore" that didn't even generate a ripple of protest from the crowd over at NOW. Turns out Rep. Grayson went to law school. He should know - but clearly doesn't - that what he said could be actionable speech. Here's the deal, if you call someone a name that CAN be proven to be wrong (like calling someone a bastard) proof can exist, such as a marriage certificate for your parents, showing that the name-caller was wrong - maybe maliciously so. On the other hand, if you call someone an s.o.b., that probably wouldn't be actionable because the commonly used name for a female dog is "bitch"! At the very least, it could be termed hate speech and thus not entitled to 1st Amendment protection.

Also, Grayson spent a whole four years as an economist (just like John F. Kerry spent a whole 4 months in Vietnam) - then he went haring off to law school and heaven only knows what else so how does his hubris qualify him as an expert on all matters economic?

Bottom line: Grayson doesn't really mean 50% of what his mouth spews - it's all an attention-grabbing ploy on his part. Nobody knew, or cared, who he was before he started running his ignorant mouth! And it's my opinion that Grayson is also offensively ugly, reflecting the ugly that lives within!

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