Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Roman Empire crumbled into bits in around 476 A.D. Some of the causes cited for this "fall" included Christianity, decadence, lead, monetary trouble and military problems all contributed although studies conducted at The Ohio State University cite the following causation:
  1. Economic (lack of circulating currency and trade deficit, and other factors not clearly economic, like environmental change and decaying infrastructure);
  2. Military (citizenship granted to all reduced the incentive to joint the army), and
  3. Gradual transformation from a pagan society to a Christian society and the internal struggles that resulted from resisting the imposition of Islam.
If any of those three above-listed factors look familiar, perhaps that explains the feeling of malaise we seem to be suffering at the moment. Certainly our country is experiencing a decaying infrastructure as well as monetary implosions of various kinds. In addition, we have a president who possesses no understanding of the military of which he is Commander in Chief, an "open borders" attitude toward illegal immigration and an only ephemeral adherence to Christianity in any form. As to decadence, one only has to look at our Hollywood folk who believe that someone may care about where their political impulses lead them, despite their clear inability to reason coherently, and despite the lives of moral turpitude most of them lead.

I think what is happening is something that we can and will be able to resist and change but not without some sacrifice and hard work on our part. We must not allow the Leftists to set and control our national dialogue; nor should we allow them to suppress or stifle altogether the voices of responsible opposition, as the White House is now attempting to do with Fox News.

It occurs to me that Barack Hussein Obama rarely put a foot wrong during his seemingly endless run for the White House. I don't think he ever gave a thought to the possibility that he might win and need to govern and that is why he is so clumsily incompetent now. Mr. President, I respectfully suggest that we aren't a banana republic and the American people will never countenance being treated as if we are! We won't do things just because you say so, we won't accept incursions on our liberty in the name of whatever snake oil you are trying to sell. In other words, we won't allow you to continue your destruction of our beautiful country in pursuit of your socialist aims. I don't even think they are your socialist aims; it occurs to me that you are an empty vessel being directed by George Soros, that ultra wealthy, anti-Semitic Jewish money manipulator who dislikes a country he cannot control and wants to either run us according to his own weird schemes or destroy us if we won't cooperate. He is doomed to fail. We, the American people, will see to it.

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