Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I comfort myself with anticipation of the humiliation to be dealt to our erstwhile president when Virginia votes in a highly qualified Republican as governor, and New Jersey does likewise. As thin-skinned as The Won has shown himself to be, he'll probably sob into his pillow for at least a month. "But Mommmmmmmmmmm! They were mean to me and wouldn't do what I told them to do. "

A better case of anticipation is this week's upcoming Cup of China competition wherein we will finally be able to enjoy the exceptional pairs skating of Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo - two of the most extraordinary pair skaters I have ever seen (magnificent courage on her part and extremely well-developed athleticism combined with grace and beauty on both their parts - if you didn't believe that man - or in this case woman - could fly you should watch these skaters), excepting the revered and legendary Protopopovs (in their 70s they are STILL the gold standard in pairs skating - unbelievable). So plan your weekend around that particular pleasure. Especially you folks who live in the D.C. Metropolitan area - the Redskins aren't worth watching. NBC is broadcasting the competition on Sunday at noon!

You have to hand it to Redskins fans. They're a faithful lot, sticking with the team through absolutely horrendous season after season. But then I'd admire their faithfulness because I understand it. I am a fan of the Cleveland Browns, which has done me no good whatsoever for years.


Laura M. said...

Try being a Vikings fan. I will be watching the Vikings-Packers match-up on Sunday, and besides, I'd much rather watch the Ice Dancing as opposed to Pairs skaters. It's more interesting to me. I'll also try to catch some of the race at Talladega on Sunday.

Gayle Miller said...

I feel your pain, Laura! I appreciate your feelings about the pairs skaters, but the Chinese pair are so worth some effort. HE blew out his ACL about 10 months before the last Olympics. That injury is supposed to be a career ender. Not only is he still skating - I think they won the Silver in Torino! He throws her so high and so far and she's almost in nosebleed territory and she lands like a feather! Really impresive.

Sissy Willis said...

Obama will probably declare Martial Law!