Monday, October 26, 2009


This event was notable for the justifiably lauded return of Yvgeni Plushenko. Watching this man skate can bring nothing but pure pleasure, simply because he is so happy to be out on that ice. At age 27, he is at the height of his considerable powers and it is refreshing to see a skater whose jumps don't give you the nervous twitches.

On the other hand, can we talk about the U.S.'s Johnny Weir? He claims to be fully prepared and trained and yet he skates like a nervous virgin in a maximum security prison! I don't mean to be nasty, Johnny, but number one - at age 25 - you are no longer a "Johnny" and should be more of a "John". Second, if you weren't so concerned about your posing and preening on the ice, perhaps you could land a jump or two? I'm just saying! It's clear from looking at Plushenko that one doesn't need feathers and sequins (dear merciful heavens - in profusion no less) to be a respectable skater. What one needs is the heart of a champion. Plushenko has it; Weir does not!

Pang and Tong won the pairs title. Is it too much to ask that she get a decent haircut and new skate laces that are CLEAN? You are skating at an elite level. Surely your federation will treat you to new laces and a visit to a good hair cutting salon! Good grooming shows respect for self and respect for the event.

Keanu McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker placed well. Is it strictly necessary for Keanu McLaughlin and Meryl Davis to talk like retarded 4 year olds? They are both very talented skaters. Listening to them being interviewed is excruciating!

Congratulations to the incandescent Miki Ando on winning the ladies' title over her vastly overrated teammate Mao Asada! I beat myself up about this because I find it despicable that I sometimes root against people (a character flaw - I'm working on it) but Mao Asada gives off an air that she is entitled to place well because she's well - entitled! And has anyone thought about doing something about her cross-eyes? Might help her performance; it sure would make her easier to look at.

We actually placed first in an ice dancing event! Huzzah! Hoorah! Davis and White were excellent, although this early in the season, I'm sure they'll be improving their program incrementally.

Next weekend - another competition! Meanwhile, the "Return of the King" was the theme of this competition and Plushenko was infectiously joyful thoroughout! I don't normally enjoy seeing this kind of thing - but even him holding up his forefingers toward the end of his long program - showing that he's number one, wasn't offensive! Just endearingly amusing.

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