Thursday, November 19, 2009


Are BHO and company deliberately throwing the KSM prosecution? That question was asked this morning during our [too lengthy] commute from Fredericksburg into the District by someone whose intelligence I very much respect.

I will grant you that the Left prefers to see the prosecution of Khalid Sheik Mohammed as a law-enforcement matter, rather than the prosecution of a person who has been part of a deliberate and violent act of war towards our country, but even so, both our President and Attorney General Eric Holder (for whom I have no admiration and no respect - fair disclosure here - nobody calls me a coward and keeps my good regard) should know that their flat-out statements yesterday and the day before could easily be seen as poisoning the potential jury pool. And that is if, in fact, it is even possible to get an unbiased jury in New York City. Suspicious minds could easily posit that this is a deliberate and coordinated effort to so poison the atmosphere at a potential trial that the murdering bastard who admitted proudly to being the mastermind behind 9/11 will get off scot-free!

I'm not usually big on conspiracy theories, but this one resonates a bit with me. Is it possible that the reason for all of the huge amounts of money spent to elect Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency and the smooth confirmation of his incompetent and hate-spewing Attorney General was all geared toward getting KSM out from under the charges and the execution by a firing squad using bullets soaked in pig's blood he so richly deserves? I'm just wondering.

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