Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Starting in 1775, this nation has always been blessed with heroes who have by their actions made this country not only possible but exceptional (yes, President Obama, EXCEPTIONAL). In a world that is p.c.-crazy, I refuse to be stomped into accepting that other countries have just as much claim to exceptionalism as do we. T'ain't so. They'd be speaking German in Paris were it not for us. And had Lyndon Baines Johnson not decided that he was a wartime tactician, South Vietnam would not be dominated by North Vietnam. There will always be an England but it might not be the England we know and frequently love, were it not for us. A lot of monuments would have bit it had our brave soldiers not joined in the European war effort. And had Harry Truman not made the tough decision to drop the A bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese citizens might have died before the War in the Pacific ended. Were it not for our military, South Korea might not be as vibrantly free as it is today and it could not have produced the radiant Yu-Na Kim.

So thank you my dear Veterans. I appreciate your sacrifice and your hard work on behalf of a country that seems to only really express its gratitude once per year, another luxury you have won for us!

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