Thursday, November 19, 2009


The headline on the Associated Press story in my local newspaper read "Hundreds Turn Out for Palin" while the article started out "More than 1,000 fans cheer former Alaska Governor in Michigan for Book Tour," and the subsequent online story read: "Thousands gathered outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Grand Rapids to get a signed copy of Sarah Palin's new book." So which was it AP? Did y'all fail basic math?

Is this kind of nonsense really necessary or useful? It's no wonder that the credibility of the formerly elite media is at an all time low! And to be very realistic, we need them to be vibrant and healthy and successful because they should be the watchdogs over elected officials - reporting the facts without fear or favor! Doesn't happen, kids. Doesn't happen at all. Which is why the newspaper business is dying and TV news programs have ever slimmer audience share.

You'd think they'd learn but they are so deep in thrall to the present administration as to be wholly deaf to reality!


Laura said...

I promise not to make too many inflammatory comments. Please let me stay.

Gayle Miller said...

Of course you may stay. I just cut off comments for a short while so I could concentrate on work - actual work!