Friday, November 06, 2009


The Muslim murderer who killed 13 and wounded 30 and was shouting Allah Akabar during his very calm and methodical rampage is being carefully tended in the hospital, recovering from his wounds (my sense of irony points out that he was stopped by shots from a FEMALE first responder)! Thus, we may be able to find out why he decided to do what he did. Personally, I don't need to hear from him. He is a Muslim, he was behaving irrationally before his rampage and he was shouting a favored phrase of demented Muslim killers everywhere! I have been told over and over and over again that profiling is wrong. I call it prudent. You have a Muslim psychiatrist (and it has long been said that most psychiatrists are nuts!) who is doing everything in his power to avoid being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq where he might be forced to (horrors) kill one of his fellow religionists to protect his own life. He is a frequenter of radical websites (surely the Army or Marines track this kind of warning sign of Internet usage) and making irrational remarks around the base. WHY in hell didn't they slap his happy ass into a rubber room?!

People on the train this morning were discussing this horrendous event and saying, why wasn't he brought down sooner. It was, after all, a military base. Some of our wonderful Marines who were traveling to Quantico said that they don't trundle around their base armed. It would just be weird. Hmmmm! That might have to change, guys!

Finally, once again, Zippy the Prez stuck his skinny foot in his oversized and overused mouth yesterday when he appeared (after the news of the shooting broke) at an event honoring Native Americans where he waded into a speech into the third or fourth paragraph before even mentioning the tragedy with a cursory "Sorry guys!" I hate to say this, but y'all elected a major "tool" to be president! He is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Dems, as fast as you can, move away from the train wreck named Barack Hussein Obama! Don't let him bring you down next year when you're up for reelection. Don't let that lizard faced crone who is speaker of the House convince you to throw yourselves under the bus for her disastrous health care bill. Quick now, save yourselves!

UPDATE: This morning our oh so wise President had more to say:

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. base, President Obama on Friday cautioned against jumping to conclusions on the motive of the suspect. (I think the fact that he was shouting "Allah Akabar" whilst running around killing far too many of his fellow humans would be a big fat clue you ignorant wetback!)

"We don't know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts," Obama said on the White House lawn. (Even when you are smacked in the face with the answers, Mr. President, you still won't "get it"!) Contrast this with his remarks when his pal in Cambridge was arrested for being overly contentious with the Cambridge police. Then he assumed racism before he knew ANY of the facts!

Well, President Obama - which is it? Get all the facts and then opine or opine absent any facts at all?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't think there was a way you freaks could find a way to use this tragedy to slam Obama, but you found a way. Congratulations. How becoming of you to politicize a mass murder.

Gayle Miller said...

BIG words coming from someone who is too cowardly to use his or her own name. Asshat!

Slamming Obama isn't an opportunity it's a pleasure. When the Kenyan wetback is no longer in office, then I'll let up on him.

Gayle Miller said...

And from the side of the political spectrum that freely and frequently opined that killing former President George W. Bush would be a GOOD thing, or that called him "Hitler" - clearly indicating that they didn't know what in hell they were talking about, I don't need any moral instruction from you morons! Go read another site! You aren't welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan wetback? Are you now resorting to name calling and slurs? Charming.

Oooo! I can do it too!

You are a teabagging idiot. You don't give a damn about what happened to those people in Fort Hood. All you care about is how you and yours can use this to your advantage! You can try and deny this but your statements say otherwise. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds!

How can you claim to be religious but have such hatred inside you? You obviously hate Muslims and you obviously hate Obama.

FYI: Who ever said I was on a side that stated killing Bush was a good thing or called him Hitler. You made an assumption and it was wrong. Remember what they say about assumptions...guess that makes you an ass. And a bonehead.

Gayle Miller said...

Go away from my site and never return. I CAN and will ban you formally if I must. You are too insane to deal with.