Wednesday, November 04, 2009


And in the process sent a message (I hope) to the Dems in Congress - screw with over half the population at your peril! Bob McDonnell defeated rather convincingly a run-of-the-mill tax and spend Democrat who had the added good fortune of having our President campaign for him. President Obama has no coattails!

The victory of Christi in New Jersey was another indication that the moderate and right of the nation are fed up with the insanity taking place in our nation's capital and most especially the insanity being displayed by Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid in their fervid push to take over 1/6th of the nation's economy and rain destruction upon seniors in this nation. I might remind them that they are seniors themselves and thus should be more thoughtful and respectful.

Blue dog Democrats should be and probably are shaking in their BVDs over their prospects of retaining their seats in the 2010 election. This bodes well for putting the brakes on a nearly 2,000 page incoherent health care reform bill put forth by San Fran Nan that will cost close to $1 trillion! Has the botox finally rotted her brain beyond redemption? Please dear Lord, take that frozen and ugly visage out of our sight sooner rather than later. I can wait until 2010 but that's the best I can do!

It is essential to replace a good portion of the current crop of loons occupying The Hill with sensible and more moderate people who will put the electorate's concerns and best interests before their own political gain. So what if we're saddled with 4 more years of Al Franken and his stolen Senate seat - if we can put enough intelligent and qualified people in the Senate and the House, he'll be marginalized, as he should be!

Remember - if it isn't close, they cannot cheat!

UPDATE: The immature infant posing as our president at the moment (only until we can boot his skinny ass back to Chicago in 2012) claims he didn't even watch the returns last night. May I say - horsefeathers to that claim? The man is nothing if not a politician and to a politician, election returns are like crack! Addictive and as necessary as breathing. And our president knows, he has to know, that the election returns in New Jersey are a loud and very clear message to him and to the Congress to cool their jets! Virginia's results, as delightful as they are, not so much because Virginia has always been a more conservative state, but New Jersey? Give me a break!

UPDATE #2: There is a rumor going around that NY 23rd was lost because of hatred for Sarah Palin. To that I respond succinctly: "Bullshit!"


Laura M. said...

FWIW, coming from one who lives here, I don't think Franken stole it so much as Coleman and Repubs here in MN didn't fight as nasty and dirty as Franken and the Dems did.

Gayle Miller said...

That may well be true. Republicans are not, as a rule, good at hand-to-hand combat and dirty fighting. I pride myself on being an exception to that, however, and can be a down-and-dirty fighter when the situation warrants it. My father had me trained in karate when I was little, long before it was fashionable.

cmblake6 said...

Isn't it about time we started? We'll win, but only if we can get as nasty as them. AND we have valid reason to WANT to win.

Gayle Miller said...

And some mean old grannies like me who don't believe in only hitting ABOVE the belt!