Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The University of Minnesota is apparently ready to demand that its education graduates (future teachers of Minnesota and other locales) confess to their own bigotry in order to remove cultural bigotry from their psyches. In other words, their thought processes are under review and subject to revision by those who think they know better!

The University has program called Teacher Education Redesign. Its purpose is not as one would guess to improve the quality of teaching in Minnesota. Oh no, my friends, its purpose is to reeducate (sounds like something Mao would have thought a good idea) the minds of future teachers so that they achieve something called "cultural competence". To me it sounds like total nonsense and offensive, anti-First Amendment bullshit.

Since when is dissent something to be suppressed? Certainly when Code Pink was making an ass of itself down in Crawford, Texas - annoying the President of the United States, we were told that dissent is an essential part of our nation's mental health and welfare. How is it any different when the right is dissenting?

I would support a Teacher Education Redesign if it led to our children being taught actual history, reading, writing and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. I would be thrilled if our children were taught how the federal government worked, so that I wouldn't have to hear pinheads say things like "President Obama passed a law that . . ." No, he did not pass a law you nitwit! Congress passes the law. President Obama only signs it or vetos it. And as it happens, I wish to never ever hear a candidate for U.S. president assert that there are 57 States! So train our teachers to teach more effectively and with less bias and I'll be happy. Mess with their minds in pursuit of some pie-in-the-sky attempt at political correctness and I'm bound and determined to kick your ass with my elderly size 11 boot!

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