Thursday, November 05, 2009


They came from Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and a plethora of other states to tell the U.S. Congress that "We the People" their employers do not like or want the incoherent and costly health care reform bill that San Fran Nan has put together her own self and is attempting to ramrod through the U.S. House of Representatives - as soon as Friday, in fact!

She doesn't listen, she doesn't hear, she is an overly botoxed haridan with the intelligence of a flea (don't like to insult fleas) who has decided that this boondoggle of a bill (2,000 pages in length) that is doubtless loaded with earmarks is going to pass whether we want it to pass or not. Thank goodness the Senate is not such an easy sell on this bill. There are enough Blue Dog Democrats (and thank God for them, I might add) who can and will - out of self-preservation if nothing else - block passage of this [probably] unconstitutional trampling of the American citizens' rights!

I might not be so very very against this massive health care bill if it were written with clarity, hashed out in committees where any obvious problems could be both aired and corrected. The American people don't like to buy a pig in a poke, Mrs. Pelosi. Put down your pen, you ignorant old bag and listen to the American people who are telling you what NOT to do. And yes, Madame Speaker - I CAN call you an old bag because I am one of them myself. However, my IQ is slightly above plant life, unlike yours, and I can see all the unintended consequences and bankrupting of your great grandchildren this bill will cause.
First photograph by Dave Anderson and
fantastic 2nd photograph by Ed Schultz!


Laura M. said...

I'd pay good money, and bad, too, to see you take on San Fran Nan.

Gayle Miller said...

I'd pulverize her! I lived in San Fran for a couple of years and learned the right buttons to push on those stuck up loons. They think that being born in San Francisco makes them very very special people and anyone who was born elsewhere is 2nd class.

Laura M. said...

Well now they are special, just not in a good way.

piano girl said...

I was sorry I couldn't be there yesterday ~ the great DC tea party on 9/12 was so inspiring. My thanks to all of those who were speaking for me yesterday!