Tuesday, November 10, 2009


John Allen Muhammad will die via lethal injection tonight at 9 P.M. unless Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine grants clemency which he is unlikely to do. Muhammad's attorneys are claiming that the poor soul was abused and suffered from PTSD (which is a real illness and not something to be claimed lightly) and Gulf War Syndrome. This flies directly in the face of evidence offered at his trial which indicated that his intent was to kill his ex-wife and that the other killings were just done as a smoke screen to obscure his involvement. Either way - he fomented a reign of terror in the D.C. Metro area and Virginia as well (I was living in Ohio at the time but my sister was here and I was seriously frightened for her).

I'm conflicted about the execution because I do believe in the sanctity of human life (unlike Mr. Muhammad and his cohort Malvo) but I also believe that some crimes are so heinous that they beg for the death penalty and I also believe that once the death penalty has been imposed, it's cruel and unusual punishment to the families and friends of the victims to prolong things indefinitely!

UPDATE: I've never like our governor particularly but today he showed me something. He said as far as he could tell, the Courts had done a good job and he saw no reason to interfere or intervene. So the execution will take place tonight at 9 p.m.

Virginia has handled this expeditiously and since the Supreme Court has denied any involvement, and since Gov. Kaine has indicated a lack of interest in granting clemency - Mr. Muhammad will pay with his life for his despicable crimes!

UPDATE: Last night at 9:11 p.m., Mr. Muhammad breathed his last and was pronounced dead. He died as he lived, never once expressing the slightest bit of remorse for his evil deeds. At the end he even denied the families of his victims the satisfaction of knowing that he suffered, as he quietly closed his eyes, took a deep breath and left this world. Pfui on him and leave him to Satan or God - as the case may be. There's no possibility that Mr. Muhammad will ever come back and wreak havoc in the lives of any other innocent people.

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