Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sweet sis Linda and I are recovering from two days of merry-making. Somehow we ended up going over to Joyce's house for Thanksgiving dinner - with her entire merry crew of children, grandchildren and adopted grandchildren who are treated in no way different than the blood relations. And a good time was had by all! Then yesterday, I went over to Linda's house, toting the turkey breast we deep fat fried at Joyce's house, and we watched some really good TV movies, played with the livestock (Tim the perfidious Siamese spent a good portion of the afternoon on my lap whilst Zeus and Harley managed to snatch their portion of snuggle time - who can deny that worried pit bull face of Zeus' or Harley's neediness). Today, I relaxed a tad and tomorrow we're doing it again at my house so that Sam can get his share of snuggles from Auntie Linda.
Hope everyone is having the kind of spectacularly family-oriented holiday that we are. It is the unintended and unexpected benefit of our less than hearty financial times that families are doing more things together and spending more quality time together.
Love to you all. Have a great day on Sunday.

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