Monday, November 16, 2009


A few things happened in this competition. Ryan Bradley of the U.S. utterly charmed me and the entire live audience during his free skate on Saturday. Skating to a selection of chamber music, Mr. Bradley performed 2 quads, a number of very difficult triple jumps AND he was utterly delightful while doing so. I haven't ever been a big fan of his, but any skater that can make Scott Hamilton giggle nonstop throughout a performance has to be doing something right.

Belbin and Agosto won the Ice Dancing gold medal to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao turned in a workmanlike but flawed performance that was still many miles above what any of their competitors are putting out there. Evan Lysacek won the men's competition to the surprise of absolutely nobody, but Ryan Bradley was still a standout!

Now for my rant. Zoe BLANC and Pierre-Loup BOUQUET placed 8th in the ice dancing competition - they should have been deported before being permitted to sully the venue with their sloppy appearance. It was opined that they pride themselves on being cutting edge! Too bad they do not pride themselves on bathing and polishing their skates. Get a decent haircut and wash your hair. Do your roots, chica! They would be decent ice dancers if they'd quite trying so hard to be "cutting edge" and instead learned the basics of ice dancing - like good edges! A number of female skaters were not only guilty of dirty skate laces, some of them had the lack of respect for themselves and the occasion to show up with filthy SKATES as well.

Kim Yu-Na proved she was human by delivering a very flawed long program. She was, however, so far ahead in points that even Rachael Flatt's riveting performance could not prevent the pride of South Korea from winning the competition.

All in all, it was a very interesting and entertaining weekend of skating. The grooming issues aside, most of the skaters delivered halfway decent performances, although it was indeed distressing to see Emily Hughes back on the scene. The commentators kept commenting on how "in shape" she looked. I think she looked like she'd been hitting the mac and cheese a little too frequently at Harvard. Granted, she has never been a slender skater - but her ass and thighs are gigantic! That is not "in shape" to me. And frankly, she gets the attention that she does because of her vastly overrated older sister Sarah Hughes, Olympic gold medalist by accident! Emily Hughes simply is not that good a skater! She is merely mediocre.

Finally, I was sorry to see Sasha Cohen was unable to return to competition at Skate America. She would be an exquisite addition to the competitive ranks.

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