Monday, March 22, 2010


That's right, Spunky, I'm referring to you! Your presidency, even with the passage of that horror of a health care bill - one which you will happily sign, furthering your socialistic aims for this nation as it does - can't save you from the opprobrium and condemnation, not to mention just pure Lord hilarity that will ensue whenever your name is mentioned!

I was always right about you - unqualified, incompetent and in no way suitable to be President of the United States. That is why you have continued to campaign relentlessly ever since your Inauguration! It is clear that you, Barack Hussein Obama, continue to do your insincere, lying sack of shit dance endlessly in the hopes that nobody will notice how little you are prepared to govern!

Come November, 2010, your ability to bullshit the Congress will be removed. You will no longer have that wild-eyed harridan Pelosi to do your bidding, nor will that cadaverous troglodyte Harry Reid be around to provide you with cover for your incompetence. Your smartest move was in choosing "Rosary Joe" Biden as your vice president. Nobody wants him in place of you - he's even more appalling than you are. So you won't be impeached. You just won't be reelected! And thus, you ignorant prick, America will be saved from you!

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