Thursday, March 18, 2010


Not only has my ATM card been hit but my Yahoo! email account as well. Luckily, I caught the $700+ incursion into my checking account almost instantaneously and was able to change my password into my email account this morning! For more information on phishing, go here! It's a despicable practice.

Among the fraudulent charges to my ATM card were four to an outfit called in Great Britain. They were most unhelpful and downright rude when contacted. On the other hand Yahoo! Small Business immediately reversed the charges (for about $80) and were extremely nice about it. Skype in Great Britain was also exceptionally nice and are working with me to correct the problem.

My bank will return the funds to my account and has canceled my ATM card and are sending me a new one immediately. All in all - it could have been worse. BUT, thanks to a daily email from my bank that shows me my banking activity - far worse did not happen. I understand from my bank that some $3,000 additional charges were declined due to insufficient funds. I've never been so happy to be poor!

If I ever get my hands on the pond scum that pulled this scam, their so-called manhood will be sticking out their left and right ears - yes, in pieces! If it's a female, I'll need to devise some suitable way of smacking her down!

And no, I'm not stranded in London and no, I don't need $2,000 to get home! I'm sitting here in D.C. fuming! It would be wise if the jerk who is trying to fake out my friends and family knocked off the shit forthwith!

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