Monday, March 01, 2010


Why are they under the impression that their athletes are supposed to win more medals overall than any other country? Are they still stuck in their past? You remember that time - when Russians skaters owned the pairs and ice dancing events and frequently the men's and ladies' events as well. When the Soviet juggernaut pretty much rolled over every other athlete in the world? Hockey, bobsled, downhill (although there - not so much), you name it. Russians won it. They are grousing about maybe not having the Winter Olympics at Sochi in four years because their athletes aren't the very best in the world! So what?

Guess what kids - one of the things that has changed since the former Soviet empire crumbled is that your "pool" from which to find talented athletes has gotten much smaller. No longer can people from the Ukraine (Oksana Baiul and Viktor Petrenko) skate for the Soviets! Or bobsled for them. Or play hockey for them.

The Russian leadership (Putin) has made it a point to whine and complain ever since Evgeni Plushenko won the silver medal in the men's event - a medal he didn't really deserve. I've kept the DVR recording and frankly - he didn't skate worth a flip! Johnny Weir, a man I normally castigate pretty severely, skated brilliantly and flawlessly and should have won the silver or bronze. Plushenko was sloppy on the ice and other than the quad, he showed nothing whatsoever. What a bunch of infantile twits - yes, you Mr. Putin. You're a well-known murderous thug (Does the name Lisachenko ring a bell?) so why don't you threaten your athletes into winning? Why not? Because it doesn't work. Well fancy that! So you'll just have to nurture extraordinary athletes of your own. It might come in handy to read the freaking rules beforehand.

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