Tuesday, March 16, 2010


WASHINGTON – Michelle Obama is urging the nation's largest food companies to speed up efforts to make healthier foods and reduce marketing of unhealthy foods to children.
If she had, she'd know that completely changing the manufacture of processed food products is a lengthy and frequently complicated process costing many millions of dollars to the manufacturer. Unlike Dr. Utopia and his lady wife, I have actually held real jobs in real companies over a span of many years of work experience. And, I have actually worked for a corporation that manufactures all manner of food products, from infant formula, to pasta and pasta sauces and ice cream, high quality pet food and so forth. The requirements of the FDA and the USDA are both stringent and frequently take enormous time and resources. So, while Mrs. Obama's aims are laudable, they are - in many ways - completely unrealistic. But then, this is typical of the liberals in their headlong rush to impose a nanny state upon us, whether we want it or not. They're going to raise our costs (increased cost of manufacturing is passed on to the consumer always) of eating anything at all, but also burden our food manufacturing corporations with excessive up-front costs.

Here's the deal Mrs. Obama - I know what to eat and how much to eat. If I choose not to do so, it's none of your damned business! And considering the size of your ass and that gut that worshipful magazine editors airbrush away in your photographs, you have no room to talk!

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