Monday, March 01, 2010


Saturday was the big day when Buddy and Rusty came to live at my house. Rusty was altogether certain that there was no way in hell that he was going to be put in a carrier and transported ANYWHERE and ultimately, when three adult women couldn't corral a 12 pound cat and get him situated where he needed to be - the daughter of the lady who was fostering Rusty called to see how we were doing and said she'd come over and deal with it later in the afternoon. So Linda and I trundled home with a very quiet, relaxed and confident Buddy sitting on her lap in a soft-sided carrier.

Buddy immediately scrunched his lovely self under the dresser in my bedroom and meowed loudly to let us know he had no intentions of emerging any time soon! And he didn't! Until Sunday afternoon when I sort of settled down from doing all my chores and stretched out on the bed to watch the Olympics! Suddenly with a meow, a beautiful orange and white kitty jumped onto my lap, started kneading my legs with his front paws, purring and licking my hand and bumping noses. I was overwhelmed with his affectionate behavior. Rusty is roaming around my bedroom as long as I am on my bed and safely unable to grab him quickly - so that's a start.

They are beautiful boys, very sweet and very tidy! They are healing my broken heart quite well.

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