Friday, March 12, 2010


There are days - and this is one of them - when I fully believe that this magnificent nation into which I was born and where I grew up is doomed to dissolution under the weight of the leftwing nonsense that seems to abound. Then I remember that I work in Washington, D.C. which is the epicenter of most of the asininity that abounds!

Nancy Pelosi works at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue from me. I'm two blocks from the residence of Dr. Utopia and the Wookie! I refuse to dignify these two incompetent, unprepared and utterly anti-American pipsqueaks by referring to them in any other way. I have never, in all my 67 years on this planet, referred to the President of the United States in anything but respectful terms. Even those I wholly despised (Carter, Clinton) were still MY president and thus, automatically respected, if not admired! Now we have a sophomoric frat boy at the helm, a man who purports to be a constitutional scholar but doesn't know or adhere to the Constitution, a man whose Party controls overwhelmingly the presidency and both houses of Congress and who cannot (thankfully) get his health care scheme passed into law.

But hey - let's party! There are date nights. Visits from Hollywood bigwigs. Vacations and trips - on deck is a trip to Indonesia with the girls (who are on Spring break) and the missus! No real reason - himself just wants to hop on a plane and go somewhere. Since taking office he's been gone more than he has been here - which may be a good thing, thus limiting the amount of mischief he is able to cause.

He insults the Supreme Court's decisions during the State of the Union address and his snarky, amateur of a press secretary makes fun of the Chief Justice because he had the temerity to object. But then that's what is substituted for rational and statesmanlike thought - quips and wisecracks! After all, the Senior Advisor to the President of the United States has been photographed thumbing his nose at someone. Very dignified. Very adult. Fulminating lackwit is what Rahm Emanuel is!

Hey you jackasses - there are THREE co-equal branches of the U.S. Government. The Supreme Court doesn't ANSWER TO DR. UTOPIA. Not now, not ever!

I'm depressed as hell this Friday afternoon. I think I'll spend this coming rainy Saturday curled up with Rusty and Buddy, avoiding the nonsense that abounds in the outside world! Have a nice weekend y'all.

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