Friday, March 26, 2010


Israel has always been one of our staunchest allies, as we have been allied to them. When the ninnies in the U.N. Security Council made attempts to condemn the behavior of Israel vis-a-vis the numerous loons who have never stopped attacking Israel since 1948, we have stood by our ally.

Now it appears that all of that has changed - to the detriment of our worldwide reputation. We seem to have abandoned any friendship for Israel, insulting Binyamin Netanyahu during his recent visit to our country and generally behaving in a boorish and immature fashion toward an independent nation (unless Israel, along with Canada and Mexico, is among Barack Obama's 57 state count).

Israel has always, to me, been the embodiment of what this country was before the effete class got their lily white, manicured paws on it! Or rather, before the virulently anti-Semitic James Earl Carter, Jr. was elected president in the 70s as opposed to the virulently anti-Semitic wetback now occupying the White House. I will grant you that Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman weren't especially friendly to Israel but they weren't actively hostile. Do I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim? I do. Do I believe that he is constitutionally ineligible to occupy the Presidency? I do. Do I believe that he is a socialist at best and an out-and-out Communist at worst? I do. I have every right to believe what I believe - I'm an American citizen dammit and my freedom of thought is sacred to me! To those of you who don't like what I believe, you're free to believe what you like. You'd be wrong 90% of the time - but knock yourselves out!

My advice to Israel is to avoid their former ally, the United States, like the bloody plague until the Kenyan wetback has completed his one-term presidency or is impeached and removed from office entirely (my reasons for not wanting this to happen are enumerated below - that is, the person of the vice president, the appallingly unqualified Joe Biden). So let that s.o.b. complete his term in office and in the meantime, get a Congress that reflects a voice of sanity and constitutional responsibility. To start with, pass a law outlawing "czars". Next examine each and every presidential order issued by Spunky and, if necessary, pass a law that nullifies the crazier ones. Repeal those insane and expensive so-called health care reform bills (both of them) and pass a law that is so eminently sensible as to achieve 95% approval from the American public.

Be patient, as you always are, dear Israel and we'll return to sanity in just another 2+ years! Hell, even the slavery in Egypt came to an end eventually! That's what we need, another Moses. One who has GPS and the ability to use it!

UPDATE: Israel is indulging themselves in practice raids on Iranian nuclear installations. Presumably to see if they can moisten slightly the BVDs of some Iranian nutbars! Or insane Ayatollahs! I love Israel. They have the audacity we used to have as a nation.

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