Tuesday, March 02, 2010


She is beautiful and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Despite the fact that she is sometimes tart-tongued and impatient with people, she would never deliberately do anyone harm. She is loving and supportive of those in her life that matter - and I'm fortunate enough to be one of those people. She has two of the greatest dogs I've ever known: Zeus, a mixed-breed pit bull weighing in at 85 snuggly, cuddly (I'm serious) pounds. He is handsome and sweet and altogether a delightful critter. Then there is Harley, the corgi mix, with her exceptionally pretty face and her boundlessly loving heart. Licky dog. I love it. Then there's her little blue faced dog - her Siamese cat Tim. He's imperious and silly and endlessly entertaining and he never, ever shuts up! Drives Linda crazy. But the animals reflect all of Linda's best qualities - loving and supportive and funny! Tim and the two dogs are the best of friends and are in the habit of running into the living room, flopping on their backs in a row on the living room rug and presenting their bellies for scratching! And if you don't oblige, Tim will start yapping at you as only a Siamese can do! Very entertaining.

Like most of us, Linda has her faults, but in the grand scheme of life, she is the one person I want in my corner in every way. I love her. Just thought I'd mention it!

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