Monday, March 08, 2010


And he was nekkid at the time! (The difference between naked and nekkid is this: If you're naked, that means you aren't wearing any clothes. If you're nekkid - that means you aren't wearing any clothes and you're up to something!) Oh my! Wouldn't that be (or not) an interesting sight? Was Rahm's tutu at the cleaners?

Drudge ran a story today about Rahm Emanuel coming up to Congressman Eric Massa, totally naked, and attacking him in the gym showers, screaming and yelling and generally acting crazy. While completely naked. Ranting, raving, poking, threatening. While completely naked.

Today’s an interesting day. More and more keeps coming out about what the DNC is doing to Congressman Massa. A few things COULD happen:

(1) Massa has the potential to destroy the DNC with all of this. The more he talks about naked Rahm Emanuel screaming and yelling and threatening him in the showers, the more attention this gets from the general public. It’s the naked part that gets people’s attention. It is ready-fodder for the comedians. Even hacks who refuse to lampoon Democrats just can’t avoid laughing at the absurdity of this. It has the potential of really resonating with the public.

(2) Rahm Emanuel will want to strike back at Massa for revealing all this. If he and the DNC have already dropped nukes on Massa, what more could they do? THAT will be interesting. Seriously. What more could they do to this man? Call him a RAAACIST next? Accuse him of being a pedophile? What happens when Rahm’s Chicago politics of personal destruction fail in the first volley and someone like Massa stands up to him?

(3) If Rahm strikes back, what does Massa do next? Does he out Rahm? Do Rahm’s other victims see the blood in the water and seize their opportunity for payback. There is decades of dirt on Rahm Emanuel. There are many people in Chicago and Washington who hate this man and want to see him get the payback that’s been building for him. Will this finally be the trigger of one epic, spectacular, take-down of someone incredibly deserving for such payback?

So, essentially, a perfect storm is brewing that could very well bring down the DNC and Rahm Emanuel, depending on how events play out and how much the public starts paying attention.

The meme is building that Democrats are corrupt Chicago thugs who use blackmail, extortion, bribery, threats, and, apparently, naked shouting matches, to get what they want, regardless of what’s good for their constituents…with no regard for what the public wants.

It is starting to get interesting. Isn't that an old Celtic toast? "May you live in interesting times!" Hmmmm!

Emanuel had to know that this was going to hit the papers. It isn't like this nonsense happened in a vacuum. Was that his intention? Hmmmmm!

Don't resign Massa!

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