Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Given the unhinged and vile rhetoric emerging from the left-most members of the MSM and the Democratic Party, it’s quite credible to believe. The question is why?

Throughout 2007 and up to and including the DNC which was climaxed by Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s truly forgettable and pedestrian acceptance speech (for all the hype, it was just same-old, same-old and hardly lived up to his vaunted (and perhaps undeserved?) reputation as a public speaker, the accepted meme from the MSM was that whoever the Dems nominated was a “sure thing” for the November election because, in their collected "wisdom", no Republican was electable. Of course this assumed a number of (erroneous) facts to be on the table, including that the American public was as credulous and easily bamboozled as the MSM.

Then this past Friday, in what I consider to be a decision fueled by pure genius, Senator John McCain, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, unveiled Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his vice-presidential running mate. In one masterstroke, Senator McCain removed concerns about his age, his conservatism and his executive ability by selecting a running mate who was young (44), conservative (and pro-life) and who possessed strong executive experience. Add to that the fact that she lives in a state bordered by TWO foreign nations (Canada and Russia), and you’ve added some foreign policy experience as well.

Are there words to express how uninterested I am in the fact that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant? That’s a personal and family matter and shouldn’t be bandied about in the press in the way that it is being done. Would the MSM have done this to Chelsea Clinton? Hell no! When EVEN Senator Obama is saying it’s out of line (which seems not to have deterred the hate-mongering in the slightest), you know you’ve gone way too far!

The screaming Feminist Mafia doesn’t like her because she is pro-life. Excuse me – wasn’t the feminist movement originally about choice? Women were to be free to choose to be whatever their abilities and inclinations led them to be. And if a woman with 5 children and a supportive husband chooses to be part of the Republican ticket, how completely disingenuous to criticize her for not staying home like a good “little woman”! And let’s just be very realistic here – it isn’t like Governor Palin, as Vice President, will be required (or expected) to get dinner on the table and do the family’s no doubt considerable laundry. Todd Palin seems quite capable (and willing) to help and the Vice President of the United States does have some fairly substantial resources at her disposal.

So what if her daughter is 5 months pregnant? She is scheduled to marry the father of her child and again – who gives a rat’s eardrum? From my standpoint, at least she didn’t MURDER her unborn child.

I don’t give a damn if Todd Palin had a DUI over 20 years ago. At least he didn’t drive off a bridge and leave an innocent young woman to DROWN!

Oh, yeah. And that juicy tabloid bit about “under investigation for firing her former brother-in-law”?? Yeah she did. He was a drunken wife-beater who threatened to shoot Sarah Palin's father in the head. And then to come after HER and her family. That pretty much disqualified him from supervising policemen in her estimation. I’d have tied a steak to his sorry ass and sent him running across a frozen tundra in his long johns – but why poison the wolves!

What’s really causing all this furor is that suddenly the Republican ticket looks perfectly poised to win the election in November. This snatches victory from the Messiah and his verbose running mate Plugs. Further, it positions a future Vice President Palin to succeed John McCain should he (God forbid) die in office or choose to serve only one term. In either case, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be sidetracked from achieving her life’s ambition to be the first female POTUS. And that’s part of what all the venomous howling is all about. They felt ENTITLED don't you know?

The balance of the shrieking is generated by the completely unhinged reaction to the prospect of this nation continuing to honor its own laws and honorable traditions, rather than succumbing to socialism or, worse, islamofascism.

Screw 'em if they can't take a dose of political reality like grown-ups!

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