Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Daily Kos Bloggers, Have You No Shame? Or Do You Lie So Loudly And So Often That You Don’t Even Know You Are Doing It Anymore?

The kooks of the Internet are doing their very best to smear and denigrate Gov. Sarah Palin on any grounds at which they can grasp, regardless of how unjust, untrue and viciously hurtful those grounds might be.

Yes, Gov. Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant. Also yes, she is going to marry the father of her child. In the normally accepted sense, he is not her “baby-daddy”. In another sense, you loons found this verbiage offensive as hell when someone referred to Barack Obama as Michelle’s “baby daddy” – don’t you incredible morons believe in the sauce being the same for the goose as for the gander?

According to Rick Moran (American Thinker column):

“McCain has done his best to run interference for his running mate while Barack Obama has made the statement that the American people should understand that what is going on in the Palin household is private and should have no impact on the presidential race. While this is welcome from Mr. Obama, perhaps a statement asking his supporters to cease and desist in their rancid smear attacks on Palin might also have been a nice gesture.” (emphasis added)

"Rancid smear attacks" is an extraordinarily apt description of what is going on. Why operate from a base of common sense or common decency when you can be a pinheaded sociopath smearing a young girl who hasn’t done a damned thing to you? Or are you just terrifically pissed off because neither Governor Palin nor her daughter are the slightest bit interested in murdering this infant, any more than Sarah Palin and her husband were interested in murdering Trig when he was in utero?

Bear one thing in mind, Kos Kids. WHEN Senator Obama loses because of your unbelievably unhinged behavior and thought processes, you will have nobody on earth to blame but yourselves. Americans don’t like the kinds of tactics being employed by your crew, any more than they approve of the smears promulgated by your “master”, the psychopath (my opinion) who is directly responsible for all this spewing of hatred and lies, George Soros. That he is of Hungarian ancestry is a constant source of shame to me, since I too am of Hungarian ancestry. Of course, my beautiful and brilliant Hungarian mother always told me to avoid Hungarian men like the plague. Now I know why!

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