Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am an American and when I ask a candidate for president to outline the specifics of his platform, I expect him to do so. I do not expect to be told that it is (a) too complicated to explain in a short while or (b) too complicated to explain to my little pea brain. Tell me the truth and tell it to me concisely and in a straightforward fashion. Trust me, I’ll understand you, despite my bitterness and strong attachment to my religion and my weapons. I expect you to be willing and able to defend your positions without screaming "racism" or "unfair", so long as the questions are asked in a reasonably respectful fashion. If you are too thin-skinned to deal with ME, one of your own countrymen, it is hideous to imagine how impossible you will find it to deal with Putin or Ahmadinejad! They don't give a flip for your sensitive feelings fella!

I am an American and I am offended to the very marrow of my being when any campaign apparatus treats an opposition candidate with disdain or any other kind of unfair or untrue rhetoric. Senator Obama and his surrogates need to knock it off and do it now. Governor Sarah Palin and her family are NOT your piƱatas!

I am an American and I don’t really give a rat’s eardrum what Europe thinks of me or my nation. Next time some totalitarian lunatic invades your country, do us a favor and save your OWN asses for a change.

I am an American and, as such, a member of one of the most generous populations on earth. Experience a Tsunami? We’ll be there with relief for those most adversely affected. Having a hurricane? We’ll help you rebuild. Are you having an epidemic of some dread disease? We’ll get the vaccine right on over to you. Because you cannot budget your own resources, your population is starving to death? We’ll hop right on over with relief supplies. And when we’re in trouble due to a natural disaster, with few exceptions, we also know that none of you will return the favor. Here’s a thought – start dealing with your own shit and leave us alone.

I am an American and I know that this election is about whether or not our nation will be kept safe by our next Commander in Chief. I can see Senator John McCain keeping our nation safe. I can see Governor Sarah Palin keeping our nation safe. All I can see Senator Barack Hussein Obama doing is babbling on and on, hoping at some point his plethora of words will put the enemy to sleep. Here’s the deal: That doesn’t work, Bambi.

I am an American and I am voting for the McCain/Palin ticket in November. To do anything else would be suicidal and stupid!


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I agree suicidal!

Mrs. Media Matters said...

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